Dyanna Louie, originally from Ontario, Canada, is presently
living in San Francisco Bay Area with  her husband and son.
Creations designed in her home-studio are handmade
decoupage washi (Japanese Paper) switchplate covers
 and gift collections, each splendidly individual and unique.

With a little direction and a lot of determination, Dyanna set out to
explore the world of handmade home decor accents and gift
collection.   Her dreams came true in 1998 by combining her love
of Japanese (washi) papers and the joy of creating decoupage
art.  She credits her family and special friends for their support
and encouragement.  Thanking the Lord and all the Angels
for giving her the opportunity to share her inspiration and
creative ideas, Asian Gift Designs was formed.  Her mission in
life is artistically enrich the world with the beauty and grace
of the Asian American and Asian Canadian cultures.  

After making switchplate covers to give as gifts, in year 1999 she began
selling her switchplates at local art and craft festivals in the San Francisco
Bay Area.  From the very first show, she knew people loved her idea and
the quality of her work.  Her philosophy from the beginning was to
create something unique with beauty and function by combining her love
for Japanese papers and decoupage arts.  She plans to attend choice
 juried art and craft  festivals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dyanna's other washi paper creations are:  photo albums. framed
kimonos, wine/beverage coasters,  paperweights, art cards, bookmarks,
origami jewelry (origami figures ~ earrings and pins), address books, 
journals, checkbook covers, magnets,  key chains, framed origami arts,
decorative art plates, wine glass charms (with an Asian theme charms),
tealight votive candle holders, glycerin hand soaps (embedded soaps,
fortune cookie soaps, wagashi soaps), glass necklaces / bracelets, 
earrings, asian themed candles, and more .

Dyanna is a true entrepreneur: owner, creator, designer, artist, sales
 representative, manufacturer, quality control and shipping manager.
Her husband handles all the non-creative paperwork and
bookkeeping, and provides encouragement to strive for what
she believes and to never give up her dreams, making him 
"the most wonderful husband,"  according to Dyanna.

Everyone will enjoy these unique handcrafted washi switchplates
and gift collection from Asian Gift Designs, as much
as Dyanna loves creating them.

Joe Marino, Publicist  --  (941) 531-7304
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About Dyanna
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